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At TECHMA, we specialize in elevating business efficiency and innovation through our expert IT consulting services. Our partnership with Zoho CRM, Zapier,, and the latest AI technologies positions us to offer top-notch solutions in system setup, implementation, automation, and integration.

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Zoho CRM Solutions

Optimize your business with our Zoho CRM service. We audit, advise on best practices, create automations and workflows, provide seamless integration and training for optimal CRM use. Solutions

Optimize your operations with our solutions. We specialize in workflow building, CRM customization, work process management, and creating integrations with third-party software for a fully automated experience.

Automation with Zapier

Streamline your business with our comprehensive automation solutions. Utilize Zapier’s diverse tools to integrate powerful AI features into your operations. Our services help you enhance your sales and operational efficiency, saving you significant time and money annually.

Digital Transformation

Drive your business into the future with our digital transformation services. We’re here to help you embrace the digital world, enhancing your operations with cutting-edge technology and insightful strategies.

Why Choose TECHMA

Why choose TECHMA? For our deep expertise in diverse IT domains, customized solutions tailored to your unique needs, and a forward-thinking approach integrating the latest Zoho CRM AI technologies.

We are Tech Partner

Partnering with Zoho, Monday, and Zapier, Techma ensures top-tier service for optimal business solutions.

Cloud Based

No paper trail. All our data and processes are securely managed in the cloud

We are Human

We treat our clients with the same care and attention as we do ourselves, embodying a deep sense of humanity in our services.

Why choosing TECHMA?
CRM and AI Experts Business Process

Our Approach

It begins with offering tailored IT solutions, combining our in-depth expertise with the latest in CRM and AI technologies. We place a strong emphasis on working closely with our clients, guaranteeing that our strategies are not only efficient and effective but also uniquely tailored to fit the specific processes of each client.

System Audit and Review: Assessing and identifying areas for improvement.

Comprehensive Setup: Matching tools to your business goals and completing the setup process.

Smooth Integration: Effortlessly combining external solutions with your chosen technology stack.

Ongoing Support: Providing continuous optimization and support.

Our customers are impressed

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.


CEO, Oui-Click

Outstanding to work with and very knowledgeable. He saved me a LOT of time. Knew what he was doing and how to make things better. I will be using many more times for all future projects.
David Keener

CEO, Premiere Group

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.
Jonathan Rennison

CEO, Yellowchair

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