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It is a Cloud-based project management platform that allows users to create, customize and build their own native applications and bespoke project management software with relative ease.


Implementation Plan
We follow a tested implementation procedure for ensuring faster adoption and minimizing unwanted bottlenecks.


Process Building
By precisely understanding specific client needs, we tailor make end-to-end business operations and processes.


Integration & Automation
Using or Zapier, you can save time with bespoke automations and AI-based integrations.

= automation & implementation services are based on your business requirement and sales workflow. It means building dashboards, automations and processes that are tailored to your operational needs.


Another key aspect regarding integration services is the third-party tools that you employ for building project management software, which matters the most. This creates an impact on your design, final product and R & D team.


Here, you need to build dashboards with the help of our Monday CRM automation experts for achieving enhanced transparency and faster reporting process. Also, you need to create a workflow roadmap for the future.


Most importantly, you need to extend the use of the platform to other departments, teams and projects, within your organization. This ensures smoother business operations and unhindered sales pipeline.

Customized Implementation of

With our tailored implementation, we help your business manage tasks and workflows to boost inter-departmental or team collaboration, as well as enhance productivity. In fact, customized Monday CRM integrations allow you to track the core aspects of sales, customer support, project life-cycle, and more. Through TECHMA’s bespoke solutions, you can build agile workflows for the R & D team, as well as assign important tasks, set budgets, monitor project progress and seamlessly interact with the team. Let’s understand the important aspects.

5 Benefits of Using

ncreases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Improving sales pipelines

ncreases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Enhanced communication and collaboration

Reduces errors and simplifies business processes

Better time tracking

Less busy work for your employees

Custom rule-based automations

Increases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Responsive Live chat features integration

Why Us for CRM Services?

At TECHMA, we understand your needs, and help build a workflow from scratch. It is done by reviewing your internal workflow, and thereby mapping out an implementation approach and roadmap. We create an intuitive, yet simple workflow that best adapts to all kinds of third-party integrations, applications & tools.

Acquaint yourself with our in-house experts for a better awareness of your business workflow, custom project management software and tools that are required to funnel your sales pipeline, productivity and customer service needs. This is how it works.


Our customization starts with a workflow design plan that goes through rigorous testing, before being finally implemented. In this context, we discuss your business goals and expectations for a better understanding of your needs.


It all starts with our consultants reviewing the processes, thereby going with the automation and selection of custom project management tools that are to be integrated with the existing CRM, or simply built new.


As a certified partner, we always want our clients to take the time to test the workflow, before working on it. This is when we make edits, once you pinpoint what’s required and what’s not in favor of you.


We also provide an extensive training & onboarding session that will guide you on how to use the newly built sales & marketing workflow on a regular basis, and thereby operating like a pro. We help you take complete control of the said process.


Our Monday CRM developers help create a strategic coordination between your PM teams, sales managers and customer service executives in the most seamless and effortless manner.


We help convert unique business ideas into actionable tasks within minutes, thus automatically moving deals forward across tables and stakeholders in record time.


With our AI-backed CRM integrations, your business can easily create any type of emails or use advanced template suggestions for emails that hit the right place, at the right time and opportune moment.


A custom-designed Monday sales CRM helps create refined content for better awareness in every step of the sales process or cycle. It enables summarizing a call conscript to complex meeting notes.


With the best-in-class Monday tools, improve your business collaboration and communication for better project status monitoring, budget planning and time management strategies while designing sales pipelines.

Get Maximum Out of Our Implementation

Manage multiple pipelines simultaneously, as well as benefit from our custom integrations, support and troubleshooting solutions, thus enhancing your business productivity and sales to many folds.


1 What is

It is a Cloud-based open platform that enables users to build their own applications, tools and project management software that ensures smooth functioning of their business processes, including sales pipeline, team management, operations, workflows, sales tracking and lead management.

2 Why use

As it is the most versatile and dynamic project management software available, you can use this open-source platform or CRM to manage your company projects, Ad campaigns, track sales, inventory, leads, manage teams, virtual marketing efforts, video production, and so on.

3 What tools & software can be integrated with

It allows you to integrate multiple tools from an array of online sources, and thereby consolidate all your team’s work in one place. Some popular integrations are Mailchimp, Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Google Suite, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and so on.

4 Can emails be integrated with

Yes, you can easily integrate your business or personal email with Here, you can transform any email from your Google or Outlook account, and also keep every stakeholder aligned with it.


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It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.


CEO, Oui-Click

Outstanding to work with and very knowledgeable. He saved me a LOT of time. Knew what he was doing and how to make things better. I will be using many more times for all future projects.
David Keener

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It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.
Jonathan Rennison

CEO, Yellowchair