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Our Salesforce Services

We develop Salesforce solutions, integrate them and enable your team to efficiently and effectively work with Salesforce.

Deliver the best customer experience, and give your business the competitive edge.

Salesforce consultation: we focus on aligning Salesforce with your strategic objectives for maximum ROI.

Salesforce Implementation: We digitize and optimize your sales, marketing, or service processes to meet your company’s unique needs.

Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly connect Salesforce to essential business applications for enhanced efficiency and data flow.

Managed Services: Get technical maintenance, expert administration, personalized support, and continuous development support.

Custom Salesforce Programming: We program custom Salesforce features, workflows, and integrations for enhanced productivity and data exchange.

Salesforce Training: Our tailored Salesforce training unlocks your team’s full potential with the platform, maximizing system capabilities.

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Enhance your Customer Experience
with Salesforce Solutions

Empower your sales teams with tools for lead management, opportunity tracking, and analytics, enabling them to close deals more efficiently.

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Streamline the quoting and pricing process, helping your sales teams generate accurate quotes and proposals quickly, leading to improved sales efficiency and accuracy.

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With Service Cloud, you can provide exceptional customer support through case management, knowledge base, and multi-channel communication, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

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Optimizes field operations by connecting remote service teams with real-time information. Empower them to deliver exceptional on-site customer service efficiently.

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Create personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns to engage customers and drive revenue.

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(Marketing Cloud account management)

Utilize the B2B marketing automation tool to organizations generate high-quality leads, nurture them, and drive ROI through intelligent marketing campaigns.

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Deliver seamless, personalized experiences, from websites to mobile apps – increasing sales and customer loyalty.

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Empower your organization to build engaging online experiences for better relationships and self-service, adaptable to various use cases.”

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(Salesforce Einstein)

Get advanced data analytics and AI-driven insights, allowing you to make data-informed decisions and optimize operations.

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Why Salesforce?

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Effective customer relationship management (CRM): Salesforce provides a central platform for managing customer contacts, leads, and sales processes. This enables you to manage customers effectively and increases customer satisfaction.

Scalability and flexibility: The solutions can be adapted to the specific needs and scale of your company and grow with it. This means you can scale and flexibly adapt your processes with the solution.

Improved collaboration: Salesforce solutions enable better collaboration within teams and departments by sharing information in real-time and fostering collaborative work processes through mobile accessibility across all platforms.

Process automation: By automating routine tasks and processes, you save time and resources and can focus on important tasks.

Flexibility: Salesforce offers a variety of applications and integrations to help companies meet their specific needs and processes.

Data analysis and reporting: Salesforce solutions enable comprehensive analysis of customer and company data in real-time.

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Make full use of our Salesforce Expertise

Salesforce Training

Equip your team with Salesforce system training and to harness Salesforce’s full potential

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Salesforce Health Check Service

We deep-dive, review and give actionable insights about how you can use the full potential of your Salesforce System – at fixed prices.

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Top 10 signs of an inefficient Salesforce System

Read about the most common business problems that occur when their CRM systems are not working properly.

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Who is Salesforce for?

Salesforce is suitable for a wide range of companies and industries, especially those focused on customer service, sales, marketing, e-commerce or IT management. It is particularly useful for companies with a large number of customer contacts that need a central platform for managing and analyzing customer data. In addition, Salesforce is scalable and can be adapted to the specific needs and requirements of companies of any size.

How much does Salesforce cost?

The cost of Salesforce varies depending on your company’s needs and requirements. Salesforce offers different products and licenses that are available at different prices. The cost also depends on whether you want to deploy the software in the cloud or on-premise.

It is best to seek advice directly or from a certified Salesforce partner, such as SUNZINET. There you will receive an individual offer tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us now for the first non-binding call.

How long does it take to set up and implement Salesforce?

The time it takes to set up and implement Salesforce depends on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the organization, the number of users, the features needed, and integration with other systems. Typically, setup and implementation can take anywhere from several weeks to several months. However, an exact time cannot be given as a general rule and should be discussed individually with a Salesforce expert.

You can read all the steps of a CRM integration here: How to enable a successful CRM implementation

How secure is Salesforce?

Salesforce employs a variety of security measures to protect its customers’ data. These include encryption of data at rest and in motion, multi-level authentication, role and authorization management, and regular security audits and penetration tests. Salesforce is also certified to several international security standards, including ISO 27001, SOC 2 and PCI-DSS. With these measures in place, Salesforce is able to ensure the protection of its customers’ data and prevent cyber attacks.


Our Satisfied Customers

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.


CEO, Oui-Click

Outstanding to work with and very knowledgeable. He saved me a LOT of time. Knew what he was doing and how to make things better. I will be using many more times for all future projects.
David Keener

CEO, Premiere Group

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.
Jonathan Rennison

CEO, Yellowchair