What are the 10 Most Popular Zoho CRM Integrations for 2024 and beyond?

by | Jan 27, 2024


The wrapping up of 2023, and setting foot into this New Year, brings with itself an abundance of new technologies in the arena of sales & marketing, customer relationship management, HR management, administration, inventory management, logistics, and more. This is when companies are opting for a robust system or platform like Zoho that helps bring all these activities under one roof, and managed from a single point. Here, we’ve compiled for you a list of 10 preferred, tested and proven sales management tools and Zoho CRM integrations that can help boost business productivity, by gearing up sales.

 1. WhatsApp Web: You can engage with customers on a platform, where they feel most comfortable. Here, you can initiate WhatsApp chats with new leads, subscribers and customers’ right from Zoho CRM.

2. SMS-Magic: With this Zoho integration, you can engage, attract and retain existing customers, while attracting new prospects through bi-directional messaging. This is how you’re able to offer that personalized touch to your customers for an enhanced user-experience, with context from prior SMS conversations.

3. MailChimp: You can rev up your email marketing strategies and better conversion rates with all the detailed statistical and analytical information about how your business prospects are responding to your marketing campaigns.

4. LinkedIn Finder: You can rev up your email marketing strategies and better conversion rates with all the detailed statistical and analytical information about how your business prospects are responding to your marketing campaigns.

5. Shopify: You can now keep a comprehensive track of your Shopify store or E-commerce sales & purchases from this versatile customer relationship management system, by simply adding your Shopify customers as contacts in the said Zoho CRM system.

6. Google Drive: With this novel system integration, you can now seamlessly collaborate with clients and leads on Google Documents. Here, you can share, sync, access and manage all files linked to Zoho CRM records.

7. Facebook Adverts Manager: You can be on the summit of Facebook Ads, by diverting or transferring data from your Fb campaigns, directly into the Zoho CRM automation system or platform.

8. ClickSend SMS: This custom integration can help enhance client acquisition and retention, by the way of directly engaging with new prospects through email & SMS campaigns, and customized one-to-one messages.

9. Dropbox: With this smart integration, there’s no need for to-and-fro email conversations, by the way of creating, sharing or editing files and documents on Cloud.

10. DocuSign: You can now significantly cut short the turnaround time for getting digital signatures, by providing users the access to sign business paperwork, and thereby finalize agreements & deals from all parts of the globe.



5 Most Installed Third-Party Integrations on Zoho Marketplace

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  1. Checklist for Zoho Projects: Here, you’re able to manage your tasks seamlessly and effortlessly in Zoho Projects. The extension works in a way to add your ‘to-do’ list as items in the checklist, thereby linking them with the tickets raised or generated, or simply by converting them into new tasks.


    2. Giphy for Zoho Show: With this third-party CRM integration, you can incorporate GIFs in your sales presentations to corporate professionals, simply to enhance the viewing experience and for delivering complex messages in a simple manner. Here, you can access GIFs and stickers from the assorted collection of Giphy, and thereafter move them onto slides.

    3. Mail Merge for Zoho Mail: With the installation of this third-party integration, you can forward personalized emails using bespoke templates that enables you to send emails to a select group of users. Here, you have the option of customizing the content in each email sent to the particular recipient or group.

    4. Unsplash Images for Zoho Show: You can import images directly to your slides, select from a wide range of UHD and high-resolution images taken by photographers, creative artists and video makers from around the globe for making your business presentations different from the league of ordinary.

    5. SMS for Zoho CRM by MessageMedia: You can effortlessly send text messages that perfectly fits your business requirements. It can be in the form of templated message blasts, automated marketing messages, Live SMS chats or keyword-based auto-generated replies.




These high-end Zoho CRM and third-party integrations play a pivotal role in transforming the operations of any company, be it a small to midsize business enterprise or a new startup firm. Such CRM integrations have now become the backbone of any sales & marketing effort of a company, apart from consolidating and streamlining the sales pipeline, workflow management, inventory & logistics, and HR & Administrative efforts of any organization, and its respective team or department. In short, such dynamic CRM integration aids in the synergy between different departments and supports customer relationship management in a big way.