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Read this before hiring an SEO agency

Search engine optimization is a slow process by nature due to the amount of work required for a successful SEO project (keyword research, content creation and optimization, and off-page SEO). Most SEO agencies will set a timeline of 3-9 months before start seeing results (assuming the right SEO plan is in place).

Imagine working with an SEO agency that you chose because their monthly cost was lower or because you rushed your decision to hire them, for a full year, only to find out that they could not deliver any meaningful results. By that time, the loss will not only be the full year fee you paid to them, it will also be the amount of time required to replace that agency and the time needed to wait for results with the new agency. There is a hefty opportunity cost to pay, not to mention the frustration and disappointment associated with it.

Your SEO with Search Engine People won’t need a do-over! At the same time, it doesn’t have to break the bank; our prices are affordable and competitive.

SEP 360 SEO Approach

At Search Engine People, we strive to keep the SEO process simple. The objective of an SEO campaign is to rank highly searched keywords with strong purchase intent (bottom of the funnel keywords) at the top of organic search engines. However, we understand that ranking is only one element of a long user journey that starts with search and hopefully ends with a purchase.

A good ranking will put the website in front of a user when searching for a service or product. However, there are nine other results, and likely some ads, so most websites will lose users in the search stage. If you check your click-through rate (CTR) in Google Search Console, you will see that the CTR for keywords that rank in #1 is around 15%, which is not bad, but in many cases it could be improved. One way to do this is by writing enticing title tags and description tags that go beyond SEO to connect with users and encourage them to choose your website.


  • Keyword research and competition analysis
  • Keyword mapping
    Winning content creation and Optimization
  • Educational content creation to achieve industry thought leader status (Google
    discover friendly like pillar and cluster pages)


  • Contentious interactive on-page SEO to identify and fill content gaps
  • Refreshing content and SEO elements for declining pages
  • Faceted search optimization
  • Dynamic on-page optimization
  • Internal linking optimization (IA)
    SERP optimization (Rich Snippets)
  • Images and video optimization


  • Link building and citation building
  • Linkable assets creation + content marketing
  • Citation building and Google Business profile optimization


  • Contentious interactive on-page SEO to identify and fill
  • Speed optimization (CWV audit)
  • Crawlability and Indexability optimization
  • Mobile/device optimization
  • Structured data (schema fitting audit)
  • Pre-post website changes audits
  • Feed optimization for followers and Google news
  • Sitemaps customization and optimization


  • KPI analysis
  • Conversion/Goal/Event creation
  • Sitemaps and URLs segmentation
  • Pro-Active monitoring
  • Monthly competition analysis
  • Insightful dashboard and custom
  • tracking tools


  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • One journey optimization (SERP to conversion)
  • One search integration
  • Website architecture optimization

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