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Launch Your Startup With a Bubble App

Let our developers build the application that launches your idea.

A New Way to Build

The Million Labs agency team delivers hundreds of applications every year. Each application is built in weeks, usually for less than $10,000. Our clients come from every country in the world and they typically have no experience of working with developers.

Over the past four years we have invested around a million dollars in creating and improving our no-code delivery methodology. We built a company that can reliably deliver secure and scalable software that delights our customers at a price point that cannot be matched by any other company.

Million Labs Benefits

Working with the most respected and largest Bubble team in the world brings a lot of perks.

Global Reach

We have developers in your timezone that speak your language

No-Code Speed!

We have mastered delivering to incredible timescales

No-Code Price!

No-code allows us to deliver apps at really low costs

Quality Control

We have invested over $1m into our quality control systems.

Flexible Terms

Pay now, pay later, pay for your application with equity.

Startup Advisors

Our Startup Advisors provide free support.

Our Apps

Here are some examples of our work


Co-Founded by Matthew Issing

Generation Connect

Generation Connect


Founded by Greg Smith

About Us

Million Labs is one of the worlds largest and most experienced no-code teams. We deliver around a hundred new startups to market every month using our own unique 3 step process (START, LAUNCH, GROW).

We can deliver pretty much any idea (Crypto, NFT, AI, Open Banking) and our global team supports every time zone in fourteen different languages.


Where are Million Labs located?

Million Labs is a UK based company with a global team Our developers & designers are spread all around the world supporting every time zone and working in fourteen different languages.

When can you start my project?

Million Labs development team is huge and projects don’t take long to deliver. That means we have developers becoming available almost every day and can kick off a project straight away.

Are your team freelancers?

How long does it take to set up and implement Salesforce?

What are your commercial terms?

Million Labs has flexible payment terms. You can pay today or pay over time. We even invest in many of our founders to build their tech.

What no-code platforms do you work with?

Million Labs supports lots of different no-code tools. Currently most founders ask for Bubble, Webflow, Xano, Adalo and Airtable development.

Do you offer templates?

We usually build unique applications for founders as differentiation is always key to the success of an idea. However, we will use a template if asked.

What other services do you offer?

Our founders need a lot of support. We offer design, development, design, testing, training, mentorship via our Startup Advisors & Marketing support. We don’t just build apps!, We build Startups.

Who owns my intellectual property?

You do. There is absolutely no question of us having any rights to your intellectual property. If you are raising money we are happy to provide your investors with a specific waiver document to that affect.


Our Satisfied Customers

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.


CEO, Oui-Click

Outstanding to work with and very knowledgeable. He saved me a LOT of time. Knew what he was doing and how to make things better. I will be using many more times for all future projects.
David Keener

CEO, Premiere Group

It’s great to work with Masdouk and he is committed to solving my problems. I am glad that I found him as I have encountered several disappointments previously.
Jonathan Rennison

CEO, Yellowchair