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Zapier Automation Solutions

At TECHMA, we help implement, integrate and optimize Zapier to suit your day-to-day business automation requirements.

Have you tried Zapier Integration & Automation?

It is perhaps the best way to empower businesses by optimizing sales, marketing and team workflows. Zapier, help automate everything, from campaign conceptualization to user experience.


Sales Tracking
Track sales and record activities in one system to stay ahead, and scale up your marketing efforts.


Marketing Automation
Store customer data and pass information between Apps for effective data analysis and marketing.


Customer Service
Provide better customer experience by freeing up your team for serving clients quickly with precise information.


 Customers have a pleasant experience with your brand, simply due to the dynamic and easy-to-use interface, which makes transactions, sales & purchases easier than before and seamless.


With Zapier CRM integration, you can now manage & track sales, create lean teams, consolidate customer data, streamline onboarding process, automate marketing efforts and record all activities in one system.


In fact, Zapier email automation allows you to send bulk marketing emails in an effective and faster way through the custom automation features that are in-built into the system.


You can connect your favorite Apps, and start automating your sales workflows, sales pipelines, customer service and administrative activities with relative ease.


It also provides seamless onboarding and off-boarding by providing users with the right accounts, and also helps in comprehensive user logging and troubleshooting issues with one click.

Seamless Business Process Workflow with Zapier!

With Zapier automation, connect all your tools & software, and automate business workflow in minutes. At TECHMA, we help you get access to an array of Zapier integrations and Zapier CRM services that let your systems operate at maximum levels. We’ve skilled professionals in the area of Zoho/Zapier implementation that help innovate faster business processes and workflows. Zapier supports 6000+ Apps, and that’s the USP of Zapier AI-based system integrations. Let’s understand the benefits of such automation

5 Benefits of Using Zapier

ncreases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Automation with Zapier saves time

ncreases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Work from anywhere

Reduces errors and simplifies business processes

Improved reporting & sales tracking

Less busy work for your employees

Seamless integration with Apps

Increases efficiency and productivity = more revenue

Help measure growth indices & statistics

What’s Possible with Zapier?

When TECHMA is at the helm of affairs and working towards achieving 100% Zapier CRM optimization and Zapier CRM implementation, rest assured the project is going to be an astounding success. Being a Zapier CRM partner, we ensure zero compromise on data security through the stringent security controls, as in-built into the system and provided by the primary service provider.

See what Zapier automation can achieve for your company, as this versatile platform helps connect with over 6000 Apps, thereby enabling automation of practically all business processes.


With Zapier Zoho automation and integration, you can gain secure login for your entire company and departments through a robustly designed identity and user access management


Our custom Zapier automation services help perform advanced roles and manage everything in your account, right from tracking team activities to managing sales workflows and marketing efforts at all levels.


Zapier helps in designing intuitive pages, forms & Apps, thus providing your team members and customers with multiple ways to manage workflows, apart from automating data with tables for tracking vital business/company information.


With the power of Zapier AI, you can now conceptualize and create business-critical processes, thereafter optimizing them with Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality, all under one roof and from a single point.


Zapier helps automate your ‘to-do’ list by processing projects in a virtual environment, instead of doing it manually. Through automation, it can send notification or alert to the right person at the desired time.


It can help automatically create new contacts in your existing CRM, when new leads are entered in your website. This saves precious time and ensures that all leads are effectively tracked and followed on.


Your system can send automated emails based on certain key triggers, which is managed by AI. For example, you can automatically send welcome emails to new users and customers when they sign-up for your company’s service.


With Zapier, you can sync data across diverse platforms. For example, you can sync client data from your existing CRM to the accounting software.


 It eliminates the need for manual entry and other cumbersome tasks, apart from helping organizations save money by doing away with the need for price-intensive bespoke software solutions and custom tools.

We’ve certified Zapier automation experts!

At TECHMA, we’ve a team of highly skilled and trained Zapier CRM automation experts that know the in & out of custom integration and implementation of one such system across the board.


1 What is Zapier?

It is an automation application or tool that allows business organizations to integrate a multitude of Apps into business workflows, especially in areas like sales, customer support, marketing, HR and administration for seamless operations.

2 How to build a custom workflow automation with Zapier?

You can create bespoke workflows through AI-based Zap builder, custom templates, or simply by building from scratch with a blank template. After its creation, a Zap waits for a predefined set of data transfer to happen in between applications, thereby taking necessary actions.

3 How can automation help business operations?

With Zapier CRM automations, it helps in reducing the time spent on repetitive actions, automate ‘to-do’ lists, optimize lead, improve user-experience and customize order records. This increases workflow efficiency and minimizes the manual work involved in different operations.

4 How does Zapier help in CRM integration?

It can be used to link your CRM with other standard business applications such as Salesforce and Hubspot, thus enabling by-default inclusion of new leads and customers, every time a payment receipt is

processed or an invoice is sent. The process of data transfer can be automated with Zapier, ensuring all client/customer information is readily available on your CRM for further use in activities like email marketing.


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